It has come to the attention of a consumer protection agency that some unscrupulous groups have been soliciting potential Lifeline customers and charging them a fee to help them enroll  for a free Lifeline phones. The latest case is a website by the name of TruLinkWireless, which was charging customers $30 for helping them enroll for Safelink phones.

Please beware that this is a scam! This website is not authorized to resell or to sign-up customers for Safelink Wireless. Neither Safelink Wireless, nor their parent company, TracFone,  ever charges an application fee for their free Safelink cell phones. As a matter of fact, none of the Lifeline phone providers that we are aware of, charges an application fee.  Customers should never have to pay fees before receiving a Lifeline phone.

In certain states, like California (see our California Lifeline page for more information), some companies do charge an activation fee, but those are 1) paid directly to the company itself and 2) are only paid after the customer receives their phone.

If you see an advertisement or a website that offers to assist you apply for Lifeline phone for a fee, it is very likely a scam. Not only that, it is unnecessary. The Lifeline companies have made the process for applying for a free cell phone easy and we have described the process for you for some of the providers.

If you have been victimized by the TruLinkWireless scam, you may contact the Massachusetts Department of Consumer Affairs at 800-392-6066.