At long last, Assurance Wireless has finally announced today that they have launched their service in California. The company will market the program starting with the San Francisco metro area. Doing so, Assurance Wireless becomes the first company to offer free phones in the state of California.  Previously, residents had to pay a monthly fee to get a government cell phone in California. The company has stated that there are 170,000 people in the area that could benefit from a free phone from Assurance Wireless. According to the company, they are marketing the plan in the San Francisco area only to test the new procedures of getting a new phone; however those in other areas of California may apply as well.

This is fantastic news for the residents of California as there are thousands of people statewide who will stand to benefit from the expansion of the program.

Special Procedure for California Residents

Assurance Wireless announced a special procedure for applicants for a phone in California. For applicants wishing to get a free phone, please see our Assurance Wireless California page for more information on how to get a free government cell phone in California.

What does Assurance Wireless Offer in California?

Approved applicants will receive a free phone and 250 minutes and 250 texts free every month, as long as they qualify for Assurance Wireless service. For just $5 a month, customers can double their number of minutes and text messages.