Assurance Wireless, the fastest growing company offering government-supported phones, has received approval to offer free phones in the state of Arizona. With this announcement, Assurance Wireless continues its rapid expansion after recently expanding into Minnesota, Idaho and a pending expansion into California. It is now the Lifeline provider with the widest reach, as it offers phones in 38 states and the District of Columbia.

The company cited that 26% of Arizonans live below the poverty line; therefore, there are thousands of people in the state that can benefit from this announcement. The company joins Safelink Wireless as the only major carriers in the state.

Assurance Wireless is the only of the major Lifeline carriers that offers free text messages as part of their basic package. Customers receive 250 minutes and 20 text messages for use every month.

Arizonans may qualify for Assurance Wireless service by participating in one of several government-assistance programs such as Medicare, Food Stamps/SNAP or Kids Care, Arizona’s Children’s Health Insurance Program. Full qualification details can be found on our Assurance Wireless Arizona page, where you may also download an application.