Just Who Does the Lifeline Assistance Program Help?

The Lifeline Assistance Plan gives thousands of Americans a just a bit of help in stretching their budgets, by offering free phones to those who are in need. There have been a lot of things said about the program over the past year. Many have complained about the cost of the program; others have cited the once rampant abuse of the program. We here at CellularPhone4Free.com have said many times that we wholeheartedly agree there needs to be much done to control the abuse in the program. However, there is no doubt that this program has been helpful in putting families back on their feet. Last year, we heard a lot of talk about ‘the 47%’, and ‘the makers vs. the takers’. We will focus on some of the people who benefit from the Lifeline Assistance Program.

Low-Income Families

Millions of people in this country work on a full-time basis, but still find it difficult to meet their expenses. They support all of the daily functions that we rely on; they clean the hotel rooms that people stay in and make sure our hospitals are sanitary. They work every day. They may have large families or their incomes just cannot support them. They are not lazy, as some have called them, but people with a good work ethics, but just cannot seem to get ahead.

The Lifeline Assistance Plan provides free cell phones for low-income families by allowing them to qualify not only by participating in a government-assistance plan, but on the basis of income also.


Nobody in our country is owed a bigger debt of gratitude than our veterans. Our soldiers go and stay in places most Americans will never have the misfortune of going, under conditions most people could not stand to bear. They leave their families behind for long stretches and deal with terrible situations that most people will only see in movies. Many have come back with shattered bodies and other disabilities. Tragically, some never come back alive.

However, when many of our soldiers return, their homecomings can be a hard landing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported two years ago that the unemployment rate for post-9/11 veterans was 12.1%. Due to considerable efforts by the government and other parties, that rate had fallen to 10.8% as of December 2012, but that figure is still 3 percentage points higher than that of America as a whole. It is clear that many of our veterans need a little assistance in restarting their lives back home. Many veterans have been recipients of free cell phones as they re-establish their lives.

Senior Citizens

Our seniors also deserve our respect and thanks. They’ve raised us, taught us, fed us and fought for us. They too worked every day in their younger years. However, many of our seniors don’t have sufficient pensions, or have had their pensions reduced by inflation. Many live on fixed incomes. Others have had their savings reduced by illness or by other expenses.

The Lifeline Assistance Program provides free phones for seniors in many states. See our Free Phones for Seniors page for more information.

How the Lifeline Assistance Plan Helps

Working with the Lifeline Assistance Program, Assurance Wireless, Reachout Wireless, Safelink Wireless and other companies provide free phones for low-income people on the basis of income. However, not all states allow their residents to qualify in this matter. Additionally, the qualifying levels to be eligible for a free phone differ from state to state.

If you are looking for a free cell phone, you may go to the Providers by State page to see which companies operate in your state. You will see the qualifying information for each state that Assurance Wireless, Reachout Wireless and Safelink Wireless operate in.