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Have you applied for a free government cell phone and have been rejected because you don’t meet the criteria? Are you living in a state where the free government assisted cell phone plan has not been approved? Are you a person who just wants to save money every month on your phone bill, but is not eligible for the Lifeline Assistance Program? If any of these are true, then low-cost pre-paid service may be right for you. Many of the plans that are available are comparable to some of the unlimited plans offered by Lifeline-supported companies.

There are several advantages to pre-paid service over contract service. First, you are spared the hassle of a credit check. Nowadays, more and more people are trying to maintain their credit, and constant credit checks don’t help out credit ratings. Second, you never receive a monthly bill to worry about. No more missed deadlines or service interruptions because paying your bill slipped your mind. Third, some pre-paid plans allow you to pay as they go, so you only pay for what you use.

The mission of this website is to educate about the Lifeline Assistance Program and to help everyone find the right cell phone plan for them, regardless of budget.  To that end, we will be featuring many prepaid cell phone companies. You may use our site not only as a resource to compare plans, but to help you make the correct decision in getting a cell phone and plan.

 There are many low-cost prepaid cell phone providers out there, but we will profile some of the best plans, so you can make an informed choice. As time passes, we will be profiling more and more of these companies.

payLo  – Virgin Mobile’s low-cost arm

SIMple Mobile -  A revolutionary way of offering phone service