Discounted Cell Phones – Select States


We know that most of the people who access this site are looking for free cell phones. However, there are many states that don’t participate in the Federal Lifeline Program, or have not attracted the attention of one of the large providers. What options are available for people residing in these states? (click here to continue reading)


What If your State Isn’t Covered by the Large Carriers?


The Lifeline Assistance Program allows customers in many states to get a free cell phone and free monthly minutes in many states. The number of states where residents can get free cell phones has steadily increased over the period since the Lifeline Program was extended to include cell phones. Unfortunately, the Program has not been extended to all of the 50 states yet. What options do you have if you live in one of these states? (click here to continue reading)


The 2012 Election and the Free Government Cell Phone Program- What’s Next?


The bitter and divisive elections of 2012 are finally over.  A lot of attention was given to the government’s free cell phone program. Having become such a lightning rod of attention during the election campaign, what will the increased attention bring to the Lifeline Assistance Plan in the future? (click here to continue reading)