Safelink Wireless is the largest company that offers free government cell phones under the Lifeline Assistance program. Safelink has already provided more than 4 million free cell phones to Americans like you. Safelink is a company created by TracFone Wireless, the largest “no-contract” cell phone provider in the country, with over 18 million subscribers. TracFone in turn is owned by America Movil, the 5th largest cellular phone company in the world. Therefore, you can have confidence that Safelink has the experience to bring you excellent cell phone service as they company comes from a long line of well-established providers.

State Eligibility

Safelink Wireless currently operates in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Washington DC.  The company has plans to aggressively expand to many other states, so check back with us often if your state is not currently listed.

Safelink Wireless Plans

If you qualify for Safelink service, you will receive a free cell phone and the option to choose from 3 monthly plans:

Safelink Wireless Plans

Free Minutes Per Month

Monthly Minute Rollover

Text Message Rate

International Long Distance

Option 1 68 min*  Included 3 texts cost 1 plan minute Yes (see below)
Option 2 125 min Included 1 text costs 1 plan minute No
Option 3 250 min Not offered with top-up** 1 text costs 1 plan minute No

*Residents of Massachusetts receive 80 minutes per month. **See the Adding Money to your Safelink Wireless phone section for more information.

With all plans, Safelink Wireless customers receive Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voicemail and free directory assistance.

Safelink Wireless Long Distance

An exciting feature of the Safelink program is that members, who choose the 68 minute plan, can make international long distance calls to over100 locations around the world, at the same rate as a local call. You can call halfway around the world to select locations and have the same minutes deducted from your account as if you were calling around the block. This plan is perfect for those who have family and friends they want to keep in touch with, but the regular cost of long distance service made it difficult. A list of locations is available on our Safelink Wireless International Long Distance Page.

Adding Money to your Safelink Wireless phone

If you’d like to purchase additional minutes for your Safelink Wireless phone, you have several options. You may purchase prepaid TracFone cards to top up your phone. The great news is that you receive extra minutes for being a Safelink Wireless customer. For example:

  • Purchase a 60 minute TracFone card for $19.99  and receive 200 Safelink minutes
  • Purchase a 90 minute TracFone card for $24.99  and receive 250 Safelink minutes
  • Purchase a 120 minute TracFone card for $29.99  and receive 300 Safelink minutes

TracFone cards are sold online at the TracFone website or at stores like Kmart, WalMart, Target, CVS, Radio Shack, Walgreen’s and many other popular retailers, so they are very easy to find.

If you are a Safelink Customer using Plan Option #1 or #2 as described in out Safelink Plans section  above and you purchase minutes with a TracFone card, your additional minutes will not expire as long as you use your phone once in a 60 day period. If you are a customer on Plan option #3, your purchased TracFone minutes AND your plan minutes for that month will rollover for 3 consecutive months as long as you add the additional minutes before the 25th day of the month. If you add TracFone minutes on or after the 26th day of the month, your balance will be reset, and the next month’s balances will be carried over along with the next three allotments of monthly minutes. Topping up with more than one card at the same times does NOT extend the rollover period.

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