StandUp Wireless is a Georgia-based company that offers free phones and free monthly minutes through the Lifeline Assistance Program. The company also offer provides non-Lifeline service. They currently offer free phones in Arkansas, Louisiana, Maryland and Missouri.  StandUp Wireless is one of the few providers to offer free text messages along with monthly plan minutes. The company also offers rollover minutes, so that plan minutes do not go to waste.

StandUp Wireless Plans

Unlike most providers under the Lifeline Program, the company offers a standard plan which includes 100 free talk minutes per month. While this is less than most companies, StandUp Wireless compensates by also giving 100 free SMS messages per month. Considering that many other providers give 250 minutes per month but charge 1 plan minute for each text, StandUp Wireless is suitable for those who use a combination of the two to communicate.

For those customers who need more than the standard plan, StandUp offers two premium plans:

  • StandUp 500 – For $14.95 a month, the company offers 500 anytime talk minutes and 500 text messages.
  • StandUp 1000 – For $29.95 a month, the company offers 1000 anytime talk minutes and 100 text messages.

All plans include Caller ID, Call Waiting, voicemail and free national long distance.

Non-Lifeline Plans

For those who do not qualify for Lifeline service, the company offers the following two affordable plans.

  • StandUp 500 (Non-Lifeline) – The company offers 500 anytime talk minutes and 500 text messages for $27.70 a month.
  • StandUp 1000 (Non-Lifeline) –The company offers 1000 anytime talk minutes and 100 text messages for $42.70 a month.

Adding Money to a StandUp Wireless Phone

For easy access, you may purchase airtime on the company’s website at Minutes can be purchased for as low as 2 cents per minute when making a purchase of $50. The available top-up amounts are as follows:

  • $5 for 50 minutes
  • $10 for 100 minutes
  • $20 for 250 minutes
  • $30 for 500 minutes
  • $50 for 1000 minutes

For a fee, minutes can also be purchased at MoneyGram, Western Union and Ace Express Cash locations.

Referral Program

The company has a referral program that provides free minutes for every person a customer successfully refers to the company. If you recommend a friend, you get 100 free minutes when they are approved for service.  There is no limit on the amount of bonuses you can receive; keep referring friends and keep racking up the bonus minutes. Make sure that they mention your name and phone number when they apply so that you are properly credited with your bonus.

Contact Information

StandUp Wireless Customer Service Number: 1-800-544-4441

StandUp Wireless

PO Box 47747

Atlanta, GA 30362