Yourtel Wireless is a company that provides free cell phones to Americans through the Lifeline Assistance Program. They operate in a few states, specifically Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Rhode Island and Washington. Clearly from their geographical distribution, they intend to become a national carrier at some point. They have been in business since 1995 and have both Lifeline and non-Lifeline customers.

What can you get with Yourtel Wireless?

If you qualify for a Yourtel Wireless phone, you will receive a free cell phone with Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voicemail, and Three-way Calling included. Although not well-publicized, if you are approved as a Lifeline customer, Yourtel will allow you to upgrade your free phone at an additional charge. You may also port an existing number to your Yourtel phone. Finally, you may change your phone number for a fee of $15.

International long distance and international text messages are not allowed under the Lifeline plans. Please see below under the heading ‘The Fine Print’ for more information.

Yourtel Wireless Plans

Yourtel has the following plans for their Lifeline customers outside of the state of Oklahoma:

  • 68 minutes a month:  Customers receive 68 talk minutes (for incoming and outgoing calls) that can be rolled over for 30 days. Text messages are charged at a rate of .3 minutes each for both incoming and outgoing messages
  • 125 minutes a month: Customers receive 125 talk minutes, which can be rolled over for 30 days, however incoming and outgoing text messages are charged at 1 minute each
  • 250 minutes a month: Customers receive 250 minutes a month; incoming and outgoing text messages are charged at 1 minute each, however there is no minute rollover for this plan. All plan minutes expire at the end of the month they are issued.

For customers in the state of Oklahoma only, Yourtel offers different plans:

  • 1000 Plan: Oklahoma residents can take advantage of one of the better Lifeline plans in the country. For just $1 a month, customers will receive 1,000 voice minutes. Text messages are charged at 1 minute each; so that the customers have flexibility to use their allotment anyway they choose. There are no rollover minutes in this plan.
  • Unlimited Voice Minutes: For $6.40 a month, Oklahoma residents can receive unlimited voice minutes every month. There is a small catch, however as text messaging is not allowed under this plan.

Both of the above plans are subject to taxes and fees. Customers in Oklahoma are charged a $30 activation fee, but can pay this fee over the first 12 months of service.

Yourtel Wireless also has plans for non-Lifeline customers:

  • For customers outside of Oklahoma, customers can receive the same plan as the 68 minute plan above for $13.60 a month.
  • For Oklahoma residents only, Yourtel offers paid versions of their Lifeline plans. Their 1,000 plan is available for $36 a month and their Unlimited Voice Plan is available for $40 a month.

Adding Money to Your Yourtel Wireless Account

Yourtel offers 3 ways to add additional minutes to your account.

  • You may go to their website. Minutes may be purchase on their website. You will need either a credit or debit card to do so.
  • You may call their customer care number at 1-877-388-1082, again a credit or debit card will be needed to purchase additional minutes.
  • You may purchase wireless credit at any Yourtel retail location. As of this moment, there are locations in Kansas City, Saint Louis, Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Lawton, OK.

The Yourtel Wireless top-up plans are as follows:

$5 for 60 minutes             $10 for 200 minutes        $15 for 300 minutes        $20 for 400 minutes

$25 for 500 minutes        $30 for 600 minutes        $50 for 1300 minutes      $60 for 1700 minutes

It is important to note that all top up minutes are valid for only 30 days, so never buy more than you think you’ll need!

Data Plans

Yourtel Wireless offers data plans as the rates below:

  • $5 for 5MB
  • $10 for 20MB
  • $30 for 50MB

The Fine Print

It should be noted that there are some things that all potential Yourtel Wireless customers should be aware of before they apply for an account.

  • Like many Lifeline providers, Yourtel will not take responsibility for a lost phone after it has been delivered to your home or mailbox. Make every effort to retrieve the phone promptly.
  • All additional service charges (e.g. data plans and additional minutes) are subject to state and local taxes.
  • Text messages are limited to 160 characters each or they are charged at 2 (or more) messages.
  • International long-distance is blocked on Yourtel phones (calls to Puerto Rico are considered national), however the block may not always work. If a customer is successful in connecting an international call, his or her phone will be blocked from placing regular calls for the remainder of the month, regardless of balance.
  • If a customer attempts to send an international text message, their account is subject to closure!
  • Like all providers, incoming text messages are charged against your balance whether or not they are read.

How To Apply For a Yourtel Wireless Phone

You may apply for a Yourtel Wireless online by visiting their website. You may also call their customer service number at 1-877-388-1082 for more information.

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